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From a humble start as an offshoot at OPGAL Optronics (www.opgal.com), the world’s leader in innovative, Military Imaging Technologies, where accuracy saves lives into the corrugated industry. When NoMiss, the Patten Recognition algorithms got cleared for civilian use, OpSigal was tasked with bringing it to the market place.

Made in Milwaukee, WI USA, OpSigal counters are installed all over the world, allowing corrugated manufacturers to stand firm behind their accuracy with Irrefutable Accuracy that is based on the cutting-edge, military imaging technology we started with.

Imagine guaranteed, Irrefutable Accuracy: Cut short count credits, bill for extras shipped, solve the ‘ghost waste’ mystery and save the time wasted handling claims with your OpSigal. TrueCaliper is a real time caliper with incredible accuracy. Access via computers or smart phones

OpSigal counters let you stand firm behind your counts, with guaranteed, Irrefutable Accuracy. Cut short count credits, bill for shipping extras, and save the time wasted handling claims. With real time caliper and remote access via computers or smart phones OpSigal cut ‘ghost waste’ and lets you know what is going on real time, all the time.


  • The counter paid for itself in 3 month.

    Sheet Feeder Plant Manager
    Los Angeles.
  • Those guys know what they are doing.

    Plant Manager
  • This Military Imaging Tech is no joke - it counts everything!

    Sales Manager
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About Us

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